About the School

Noe Valley Nursery School (NVNS) is a cooperative preschool founded by a group of neighborhood parents in 1969. The school believes in a play-based, child-centered, and developmentally-appropriate philosophy of preschool education.

NVNS is a community of parents interested in taking part in their children's preschool experience. Each family shares in the planning and operation of the school. Parents staff the school under the direct guidance of our director, Eva Barahona and teacher Johana Barahona. NVNS maintains a 4:1 student-teacher ratio.

This school, like all cooperative preschools, is where your child can take those first steps into the world while still holding your hand. You come to school, too. You will grow and learn alongside your child.

The school is a proud and active member of the California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools, serving families of Noe and Eureka Valley, Bernal Heights, Potrero Hill, Mission and other San Francisco neighborhoods since 1969. At Noe Valley Nursery School we are all ethnicities, religions, orientations, abilities, and backgrounds. No matter where we come from, we are one inclusive community. We all learn here, and then we pass it on.

The NVNS Guide to Glen Canyon

NVNS sits at the edge of Glen Canyon, a wild, wonderful resource for our children. To share our love for the Canyon, we created Exploring Glen Canyon — A Guide for Curious Kids. You are welcome to print and use the Guide to learn more about this special place.
  Download the guide now